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Sathriyan Review

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The movie traverses through the hurdles of a growing leader, who faces essential check of emotional dating that takes him via surprising trials of friendship, love, betrayals, destiny, and future. An action-thriller set in Tiruchy, it carries a strong message. What happens when one man takes power in his hands and the consequences.

With a few of his recent movies taking a beating at the box office, Vikram Prabhu pins his hopes on Sathriyan. Vikram Prabhu plays Guna and there are enough romance and action sequences for him on the screen to give his best.

Directed by Prabhakaran and produced by Sathyajothi Films, the movie stars Manjima Mohan as the lead female. SR Prabhakaran’s Sathriyan also follows the routine template with an exception that our protagonist seeks redemption for his ladylove but not before he finishes off his enemies.

Sathriyan TamilGun

The film’s plot is said to be based on a true incident that took place in Trichy. The film was supposed to be launched in 2015 but got delayed due to some problems. The title initially set “Mudi Sooda Mannan”, later The title ‘Mudi Sooda Mannan’ has been changed as Sathriyan. Sathriyan is a yesteryear cult classic film of Vijayakanth, which was scripted by Mani Ratnam and directed by late Subhash.

while a title of yesteryear blockbuster film, we may want to expect something at the least half of its depth to be witnessed here. Even no longer so, the identity doesn’t do any justification to the movie and it sticks with mediocre moments.

Manjima Mohan as Lead Female has enough space the on screen. She plays a college going girl Niranjana, who is bold, straightforward and fearless. Samuthiram is the most powerful gangster in Trichy but no one in the city has seen him. Soundararaja, Poster Nandhakumar, Sarath Lohitaswa, Aishwarya Ditta and Aruldoss have their part to play, They have done a decent job on screen.

Sathriyan’s two pillars of strengths are cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan and music composer Yuvan Shankar Raja that even an ordinary scene gets elevates because of the duo’s work. The action sequences in Sathriyan are raw and rustic, especially the one with Aruldoss and Vikram Prabhu being the highlight.

Sivakumar’s lighting, shot division and color tone aptly justifies the gangster genre similarly, Yuvan’s rerecording lifts each and every action sequences. Vikram Prabhu is perfect as the angry young man. His body language and dialogue deliver aptly suit his characterization, easily Sathriyan is his comeback film as an actor.

Manjima is very pleasing to look at and she shines in a well-written role. The film Sathriyan is not available right now, we will update the film Sathriyan in Tamilgun after once releases in High Quality.


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